Here Is A Method That Is Helping How To Create And Sale Online Courses

To create and sells online courses with teachable platform. We have all glean about the massive open online course and online learning platforms.  But in online courses individual professionals will create their own blogs for promoting and selling the courses. With the help of efficient effort and strategy, online courses can become a revenue engine and powerful lead generation system. 

Creating an online course can be an essential amount of time investment. “In my point of view, it takes about the same amount of time as writing a book,” says Balfour. “Of course, if you’ve already written a book and are doing a tutorial about it, it takes a fraction of that time. If somebody is already creating blog with their own content, they can probably taking 2-3 hour course.”

Why Online Courses Are Important:

The idea behind creating online courses is extremely appealing thing for those people who want to search online courses. Online courses seem like a welcome respite from the rising cost of higher offline tutorials. Create Online Academy if you want to build online education website or your online academy with your own unique domain URL.

The things which you need to use in your online academy is decide a professional logo, a name of your online academy and courses content you want on your online website. We can manage our academy's system process for teachers & students, schedule live classes and easily sell courses online.

We can use to create unlimited online courses and they can divide into many different sections for students, teachers and users. Online courses will be available in mobile, desktop and pads etc. Your Online Academy will have an advanced Learning knowledge and content should be more informative relevant and information is understandable for online users.

Features Of Online Courses:

• We can create unlimited number of online courses.

•T he course will be divided into Sections and Chapters, where content can be easily updated.

• Use different types of course content like media- text, photo, video, flash programs, etc. we can also use to insert Term Exams along with the lectures.

• Use 'No-Skip' feature to skip a lecture or jump directly to other lectures without completing pre-requisite lectures.

• We can build up our media library into various types of media. We want to upload any media or course, we can upload courses as you require.

•  Invite unlimited number of users in your academy.

•  Online academy courses always updated.

•  Forum function will be added in your online academy course so that you use to configure a public forum inside your website for the visitors.

• Use download option for downloading courses, so that you sell all courses to the users without enrolling them as students.

•Daily update your academy's face book page. So that it helps to shows courses, events and other updates.

Features Of Customized Online Courses:

•  Our academic website is fully responsible and be available for online teaching on desktop, mobiles and pad.

•  With the help of various tools we can create questions to integrate the exam with any patterns of query.

•  Use drag-and-drop option to add video, audio, power points, pdf file, quizzes or other digital content in our online courses. Easily update course materials, Add classroom session, webinars, teleconferences, etc to our online course content.

• Use Webinar feature to run your own live classroom. You get tools that let you teach classes live on our own browser without any additional plug-in. Some other features include 1-1 chat, text and video chartrooms, whiteboard, screen sharing and many more.

• Use all easy tools for student- teacher. Enjoy various features like interaction between teachers and students. Users can follow other teachers and they use to creating vibrant and engaging virtual online course academy.

• All records of online courses will be store properly. It is useful to add any audit of our on-line course academy.

• We can use to turn our online courses academy into a full-time business.

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